Want to try something totally new and different?
Nkono is a brand new food that you ought to taste.

It’s Cameroon Curry in a Cone!

Alain Job left Cameroon 10 years ago with nothing more than a smile on his face and his
grandmothers secret recipes for Nkono.

He and his team have perfected the offering and now you can enjoy this tasty ray of sunshine.

Nkono range of products include:

1. Goat curry with rice in a banana leaf cone.

2. Fresh fish (boneless) curry in a banana leaf cone.

3. Veggie curry in a banana leaf cone.(v)

4. Chicken yassa  in banana leaf cone with rice.

5. Nkono spicy meatball baguette.

Add an Nkono naga bhut kick to any of the above as our special hot chilli sauces (v).

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